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Current Solicitations
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CS-0100-23  Capital Improvements  Arlington Road Lane Repurposing from University Boulevard N. to Rogero Road - $50.00  2023-06-14  Public Notice
JCF-0340-23  Capital Improvements  LIFT EV’RY VOICE AND SING PARK - RIGHT OF WAY IMPROVEMENT-NO CHARGE  2023-06-14  Public Notice ,
SC-0345-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  Annual Plumbing Services for City Buildings  2023-06-14  Public Notice ,
SC-0383-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  JFRD PHARMACEUTICALS - Encouragement - No Charge  2023-06-14  Public Notice
XF-0339-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  LAPTOP COMPUTERS, MONITORS, HEADSETS, KEYBOARD AND MOUSE  2023-06-14  Public Notice
XF-0384-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  SWAT BODY ARMOR CARRIERS AND RELATED EQUIPMENT - Encouragement - No Charge  2023-06-14  Public Notice
P-15-23  Professional Services  Medical Collection Services  2023-06-14  Public Notice ,
P-17-23  Professional Services  Claims Review Services  2023-06-14  Public Notice ,
CF-0097-23  Capital Improvements  JFRD FIRE STATION APRON & DRIVEWAY REPAIRS - FIRE STATION #31,34,36  2023-06-21  Public Notice
CP-0096-23  Capital Improvements  ADAMS AND FORSYTH 2 WAY MOBILITY 15% JSEB PART $40.00  2023-06-21  Public Notice ,
CP-0098-23  Capital Improvements  MCCOY'S CREEK OUTFALL IMPROVEMENT WIT RIVERWALK-OUTFALL SEGMENT - 20% JSEB PART. Fee $10  2023-06-21  Public Notice ,
CS-0102-23  Capital Improvements  Countywide Hot Asphalt Speed Hump and Speed Table Construction - Re-Bid - $20.00  2023-06-21  Public Notice
SC-0388-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  TRAFFIC SIGNAL AND STREET LIGHT STRUCTURE PAINTING  2023-06-21  Public Notice
SC-0391-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  FIRE NOZZLES, HOSE APPLIANCES, AND MOUNTS - Encouragement - No Charge  2023-06-21  Public Notice
SC-0394-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  DELL 9 NODE NUTANIX SERVERS - Encouragement - No Charge  2023-06-21  Public Notice
SC-0395-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  JFRD STATION WEAR AND DRESS SHOES - Encouragement - No Charge  2023-06-21  Public Notice
XF-0389-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  JFRD TACTICAL DRONE PACKAGE - Encouragement - No Charge  2023-06-21  Public Notice
P-05-23  Professional Services  Engineering Design Services for Cahoon Road - Phase 2  2023-06-21  Public Notice ,
P-27-23  Professional Services  Construction Engineering and Inspection Services for Southbank Bulkhead Replacement Projects  2023-06-28  Public Notice ,
CDB-0081-23  Capital Improvements  CMAR FOR RIVERFRONT PLAZA IMPROVEMENTS- PARK AND BUILKHEAD NO CHARGE  2023-07-05  Public Notice ,
ESC-0346-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  FEES AND FEE DEBT COLLECTION SERVICES  2023-07-05  Public Notice
SC-0397-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  COMPLETE REBUILDING OF AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSIONS FOR AUTOMOTIVE AND LIGHT TRUCKS - REBID  2023-07-05  Public Notice ,
P-23-23  Professional Services  Master Stormwater Management Plan (MSMP) Program Management Services  2023-07-05  Public Notice ,
P-25-23  Professional Services  Real Estate Development Consultant  2023-07-05  Public Notice ,

The City of Jacksonville voluntarily notifies potential bidders of current solicitations and is not responsible for notification failures. It is the responsibility of all bidders interested in doing business with the City of Jacksonville to check for solicitations and ensure their contact information is current.

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