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CF-0033-23  Capital Improvements  BAYMEADOWS ROAD EAST - NEW TRAFFIC SIGNALS CONSTRUCTION - PQ FDOT "TRAFFIC SIGNAL" - $40.00  2023-02-08  Public Notice ,
CF-0034-23  Capital Improvements  HIGHWAY AVENUE AT ELLIS ROAD SOUTH - TRAFFIC SIGNAL REBUILD - PQ FDOT "TRAFFIC SIGNAL" - $30.00  2023-02-08  Public Notice
CF-0035-23  Capital Improvements  ROSSELLE STREET AT KING STREET - TRAFFIC SIGNAL REBUILD - PQ FDOT "TRAFFIC SIGNAL" - $30.00  2023-02-08  Public Notice ,
CF-0036-23  Capital Improvements  PALMDALE STREET AT LAKE PARK DRIVE - TRAFFIC SIGNAL REBUILD - PQ FDOT "TRAFFIC SIGNAL" - $30.00  2023-02-08  Public Notice
CF-0044-23  Capital Improvements  LRP: 1394 Shearwater Drive (32218) & 4683 Bristol Avenue (32208) - NO CHARGE  2023-02-08  Public Notice
CF-0045-23  Capital Improvements  CDBG-DR HURRICANE MATTHEW HOUSING REPAIR PROGRAM: 2263 W. 12th Street (32209) & 1928 W. 23rd Street (32209) - NO CHARGE  2023-02-08  Public Notice
CP-0028-23  Capital Improvements  Atlantic Boulevard Medians- 15%JSEB - $25 CHARGE- HORZ. PREQUAL  2023-02-08  Public Notice ,
CP-0029-23  Capital Improvements  HARLOW BLVD/MOTHER HUBBARD DR DRAINAGE IMPROVEMENTS- $25.00 Charge- 15% JSEB- HORIZ PREQUAL  2023-02-08  Public Notice
ESC-0284-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  Management of Softball Complex and Concession Operations NO CHARGE  2023-02-08  Public Notice
XF-0291-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  DELL COMPUTERS OR EQUIVALENT PRODUCTS  2023-02-08  Public Notice
XF-0294-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  Microsoft SQL Server Licenses and Software  2023-02-08  Public Notice ,
XF-0297-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  SAFETY RING BUOY 24”  2023-02-08  Public Notice
CF-0050-23  Capital Improvements  UTIP: 1714 BREWSTER ROAD (32207) - NO CHARGE  2023-02-15  Public Notice
CF-0051-23  Capital Improvements  LRP: 2282 W 2nd Street (32209) & 1394 Shearwater Drive (32218)  2023-02-15  Public Notice
XS-0295-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  Vehicle Towing, Storage, Preparation, and Auction Services  2023-02-15  Public Notice ,
CP-0031-23  Capital Improvements  Woolery Drive Phase 2 at Mill Creek Drainage Improvement Project - Rebid - 15% JSEB - HORZ Prequal - NO CHARGE  2023-02-22  Public Notice
SC-0292-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  ANNUAL PLUMBING SERVICES FOR CITY BUILDINGS 30% JSEB  2023-02-22  Public Notice ,
SC-0293-23  Contractual Services and Supplies  WATER TREATMENT PLANT MAINT., REPAIR, AND INSPECTION  2023-02-22  Public Notice

The City of Jacksonville voluntarily notifies potential bidders of current solicitations and is not responsible for notification failures. It is the responsibility of all bidders interested in doing business with the City of Jacksonville to check for solicitations and ensure their contact information is current.

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